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The Hollywood Reporter:

 “The Bottom Line: Smart Aussie comedy breathes life into old tropes.”

“The metaphoric possibilities of time-travel fantasies are unusually well exploited in The Infinite Man, Hugh Sullivan’s semi-comic relationship film about a control-freak inventor trying time and time again to perfect an affair that may not have needed fixing before he started to tinker with it. Puzzle-like but rarely alienating, the Aussie import would be easy to market in arthouses despite the absence of familiar faces on- or off-screen.”

– John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter


Screen Daily:

 “The time travel film may well be a well-worn movie genre, but Australian film The Infinite Man takes it off in all new directions as an oddball inventor uses his device to try and craft the perfect moment for he and his girlfriend. An elegantly filmed three-hander, it is a smart, funny and oddly romantic indie film that deserves to find international distribution as well as further festival exposure.”

“Beautifully written and engagingly complicated…”

-Mark Adams, Screen Daily





“An exemplary time travel comedy.”


“…The Infinite Man is part of a rare breed that uses the constant pileup of future and past events to enhance its humor and intelligence at once. Writer-director Hugh Sullivan’s first feature is initially a lightweight comic fantasy that gradually increases its sophistication with a network of dense events littered throughout a tangled chronology, resulting in a funny and oddly involving representation of one relationship’s ups and downs. “


“Despite its complex timeline, “The Infinite Man” is an impressively minimalist storytelling achievement…”


“…decent word of mouth could turn it into a sleeper hit.”


-Eric Cohn, Indiewire




In Indiewire Critics Network Poll of all SXSW films:


“Best Screenplay”

“Best First Feature”

“Runner Up Best Ensemble Cast”




“Memo to distributors from Indiewire’s film critic: buy…The Infinite Man”







From Time.com’s Top 10 Movies of SXSW


“Scientists and mathematicians should unite for this Australian export, which turns quantum mechanics and oddball physics into a cinematic jigsaw puzzle. Sullivan’s strange tale of a romantic genius (McConville) who travels back in time to save his relationship is hilarious, anxious, and passionately inventive. On the surface, it’s a minimal presentation — one setting, three actors — but one of the most complex takes on time travel given its Escher-like nature.”


-Michael Roffman, TIME





The Playlist:


“Every so often you see a movie at one of these festivals that seems to announce (loudly) a true filmmaking talent, one that should be watched closely in the years to come; “The Infinite Man” is one of those movies”


“The movie is a delicate, intimate character piece about a man consumed with righting a failed relationship, and it plays out in brilliant, bedazzling ways”


“an uncanny comedy that mixes the metaphysics of “Groundhog Day” with the emotionality of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and a splash of the tech-y nerdiness of “Primer.”


“…a wildly creative, thrilling, unforgettable, heartbreaking work of a singular, visionary filmmaker. “The Infinite Man” is infinitely brilliant. [A]”


– Drew Taylor, The Playlist







Ranked 2nd in Moviefone’s top 25 films at SXSW 2014


“the most quietly devastating and imaginatively inventive movie at the festival… all around jaw-dropping”







“Indie time travel mayhem at its best.”


“…a brilliant Noises Off-style comedy”


“Hugh Sullivan has given us the kind of movie you are going to want to watch time and time again. And time again… And time again… And time again… “


-Ryland Aldrich, Twitch





Ain’t It Cool News


Listed: 10 Movies Not To Miss At SXSW 2014


– Alan Cerny






Silver Screen Riot:


“Equal helpings cerebral sci-fi and deadpan comedy, The Infinite Man is independent cinema at its most rewarding.”


“It’s like The Shining meets Groundhog Day as a rom-com.”


-Matt Oakes, Silver Screen Riot






Way Too Indie:


“The Infinite Man received a lot of well-deserved laughs from the audience and roaring applause during the credits. The film was gorgeously shot on a semi-abandoned motel park in South Australia, which makes the perfect location for this science experiment gone wrong. One of the strongest assets of the film was its special effects editing–considering the plot often featured the same character on screen interacting with alternate versions of themselves. The Infinite Man might just be the best time traveling indie film since Primer.”


-Dustin Jansick, Way Too Indie




Film Pulse:


The Infinite Man is an excellent film not just for the love story or the time travel, or even the comedy.  It’s excellent because of how well it meshes these things together to create a wildly entertaining and fun story with only three actors and one location.  If only I could travel back so I can see this again for the first time.

-Adam Patterson, FIlm Pulse







‘This is the better time travel love story [than About Time] not simply because it’s time travel rules actually make sense, but because it uses those rules to define itself and its themes.’


“It’s hard to complain about much with The Infinite Man since the screenplay is so tight and well designed. There’s no wasted time or loss of momentum because there’s no space to lose it in. While some holes may exist, they’re easily overlooked and excused thanks to the quick pace and fact that all time travel films by their very nature must have holes. The film knows its goal and drives toward it with pluck and panache leaving the viewer not only working out the time line, but the growth of its characters as well. This an easy to enjoy feature length debut from a director who I’d be happy to see more of.”


-Matthew Rezak, Flixist




Smells Like Screen Spirit:


“Arguably the best time travel film this side of Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes (2007) and Shane Carruth’s Primer (2004), it is incredibly enjoyable to just sit back and get lost in the convoluted chronology of Hugh Sullivan’s The Infinite Man. While it seems impossible — especially after only one viewing — to accurately map the various incarnations of Dean, Lana and Terry, the plot always seems grounded in some semblance of reality…albeit a reality in which time travel exists. It is nearly impossible not to love such a thoughtfully complex narrative that is built upon the sublime simplicity of just three characters and one location. That is precisely the formula for making a low budget first feature that I learned in film school and Sullivan absolutely nails it.”


-Don Simpson, Smells Like Screen Spirit





Spoiler TV:


“A creative amalgam of Groundhog Day and TimecrimesThe Infinite Man was without question the most inventive and intelligent film at SXSW this year.”


-Matthew Newlin, Spoiler TV



Comics Bulletin:


“The Infinite Man successfully balances its multifaceted genres … Director Hugh Sullivan has created a film that states its purpose from the get go, but sustains the audience’s investment and interest while providing consistent laughs throughout. Alex Dimitriades as the aloof Terry is a scene-stealer whose mere presence caused the audience to cheer and cackle, and McConville as Dean does an excellent job of remaining likeable in what could have easily slipped into the train wreck of a despicably pathetic character. I don’t want to say much more as The Infinite Man is a film best viewed with as little information as possible, but it has easily won me over as one of my personal favorites of the fest.”


-Nate Abernethy, Comics Bulletin





Sound on Sight:


“The film grounds ideas about insecurities, love, and happiness while also juggling multiple timelines. It explores all too familiar topics. Even more profound is when Lana declares that this whole situation is really an exercise in “one big revision” as opposed to any actual growth. It’s ideas like these, explored through irreverent humor and loopy time travel, that makes The Infinite Man a great trip.”


-David Tran, Sound on Sight





Austin Fusion Magazine:


“Viewers won’t forget “The Infinite Man.” They will remember his mistakes, his efforts, and his resolution, and keep his memory in their minds and hearts.”


-Chinlin Pan, Austin Fusion Magazine





Austin Daze:


“With its dry wit, The Infinite Man is oddly funny and touching at the same time… Get out and see it at SXSW, I can’t stress this enough.”


-Bradley Gastwirth, Austin Daze





Screen Invasion:


“I’m looking forward to future projects by Sullivan.  He has created a well crafted tale of love, science and the human desire for the perfect moment.  If given the chance would it be worth going back in time?  It’s fun to imagine how we would change those moments we regret or embarrass us.  But those mistakes and missed opportunities are what define us.  They are what makes us human.”


– Tony Chapa, Screen Invasion




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