Danger 5 sells in multi territory netflix deal

DANGER 5 has sold in an international licensing deal with streaming giant Netflix. The deal for the action-comedy includes both seasons 1 and 2,  with the show available exclusively on the SVOD streaming service in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland commencing in March. DANGER 5 season 2 will premiere on Netflix in the above territories.

DANGER 5 was produced by Dinosaur Pty Ltd  in association with Hedone, and created by Dario Russo and David Ashby. Hedone principal Kate Croser produced the series. SBS International brokered the deal with Netflix. SBS International will be repping DANGER 5 Series 2 in April at this year’s upcoming MIP TV market in Cannes.

DANGER 5 was financed with the assistance of Screen Australia, SBS, South Australian Film Corporation and Adelaide Film Festival.

16 March 2015

danger 5 series 2 out now on dvd

DANGER 5 series 2 is available NOW on DVD. Order here.

Allied super-team Danger 5 reunite to stop Hitler’s ultimate quest for world domination in a 1980s excess-soaked universe of neon, ninjas, discos, dinosaurs, pizza and prom-queens!

After winning the war for the Allies in Series 1, Danger 5 have since disbanded: Australian Tucker and British Claire have given up the spy game and are newly married; American Jackson is a jaded big city cop still hung up on Ilsa, European Pierre is an international party mogul; and Russian Ilsa is an entertainer with mysterious motives.

When Colonel Chestbridge, their wartime leader, is brutally murdered in a London shopping mall, and attempts are made on each of their lives, Danger 5 re-unite to mix up a fresh cocktail of revenge, intrigue and bullets. On the hunt for the Colonel’s killer, Danger 5 travel to Buenos Aires where they make a shocking discovery: Adolf Hitler survived their last battle and has new plans to become immortal and take over the universe!

In a bid to protect the world and save Christmas, Danger 5 must go undercover as high school students, become fugitives of the law, battle gun-wielding dinosaurs, run from Nazi zombies, save the Pope, and even go back in time, all the while contending with an unwanted travel companion: Holly, a clueless, annoying American high school senior, who has unwittingly found herself at the centre of Hitler’s devious new plan.

DANGER 5 Series 2 is set in a bizarre, post war landscape with 1980s cinematic aesthetics defined by period visual effects, matte paintings, miniatures, Schwarzenegger grade gunplay, Jim Henson style puppetry, John Carpenter inspired prosthetics, slasher gore, Christmas trees, and copious synth, all meshed together by an outrageous and surreal style of humour.

4th February 2015


Screen Australia has announced funding of $1.3 million for the first 12 candidates of the Enterprise People program – a one to two year work placement program. Nine women and three men recognised in their field have been selected to advance their writing and creative production skills, through intense, full-time work placements with experienced and iconic industry leaders. Hedone Productions secured support in this first intake.

Hugh Sullivan, writer/director of SXSW favourite The Infinite Man,  will be a staff writer with Adelaide based Hedone Productions with award-winning writer Andrew Bovell (adapted Strictly Ballroom and Lantana for the screen) will mentor Hugh in his work on the Hedone slate.

Screen Australia’s CEO, Graeme Mason, said, “Companies have matched promising talent with leading industry mentors to provide a rare opportunity to work constantly across a slate of titles rather than on a one-off project basis – this will expose them to vigorous, long-term, on-the-job development opportunities across the film, television and online sectors.

“We need to cultivate the next set of writers and creative producers to ensure original and dynamic Australian stories keep being told across all genres. It was especially satisfying to see such a strong representation of women benefiting from this program to work with companies that will provide substantial development opportunities.” 

19 December 2014